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Connecting with the right homeowners has never been easier.


Tell us about yourself and the work you do.

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Leads that match your preferences are delivered directly to your smartphone.

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Pursue jobs by sending a bid in no-time.

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Schedule appointments to complete jobs instantly.

The Benefits

Reach your target market like never before!


Increase Sales

Want to grow your business in the most efficient way possible? We bring real job requests to your smartphone - it doesn't get any easier to meet your next customer.



Looking to fill some gaps in your schedule? Want to be your own boss? Use TradePros as and when you see fit! We don't have signup or subscription fees.




Level Playing Field

Forget competing against companies with big marketing budgets, appear first on a directory or have illegitimate contracting experience. Each and every TradePro has a chance to win jobs.


Incredible Value

We only have one small fee for real scheduled appointments with your clients. Give us a try and see how it works for FREE!


Seamless communication

In-app communication to keep you organized.


Upfront job information

Receive job details before you visit the site.


Community Review

Rate your customer experience & include your Google reviews.


Easy estimates

Provide a price estimate and personal message in minutes.


Project Photos

Photos that help to diagnose problems before you get to the job site.


Customer Support

Our friendly in-app customer support personnel can guide you through the entire process or answer any questions you may have.

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We can send you a link to the download store to your phone.

Easiest way to hire a Trade Professional.

  • ✓ Add photos to job descriptions
  • ✓ Get responses on the go
  • ✓ Easily schedule appointments and hire
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People love us. Heres what they have to say.

Using TradePros has been a great help for growing my company. As a Pro, Im happy to say that the leads are good, solid jobs and certainly worth the time.

Matthew - Sparky Tips Electrical

TradePros has made it easy to connect with clients that we may never have gotten the opportunity to get to know. We've used a few different sites for leads and TradePros is by far the best, and the only one with an app!

Troy - Pitter Patter Plumbing

TradePros does a great job of connecting contractors with people needing work done. The system makes it really easy to provide estimates efficiently and accurately all from your phone. I highly reccomend it to both homeowners and contractors.

Bryan Bazinet, SRB Construction


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What kinds of services can I request on TradePros?

Nearly anything for your living spaces! From household to commercial and industrial we are continually expanding our offering. Common trades we cover include general contractors, handymen, electricians, plumbers, cleaners and much more. Download the app for a complete list of our services.

Why should I use TradePros?

TradePros is the smart way to describe your home improvement projects to save you time and money. Our matching technology introduces you to different TradePros for free. You don't have to email or call each in the hopes they will call you back, give you a price, and do a good job: we handle it all. We notify different companies about the job, they send you estimates, and you to decide which one you like the best.

Is it free to use TradePros?

Yes. It's absolutely free! There is no obligation to accept estimates. We encourage you to accept estimates if you are serious about hiring a TradePro.

How does TradePros work?

Tell us what you need done by answering a few simple questions, uploading relevant photos and entering your location. After you submit your request, you will start receiving estimates from different TradePros in your area. Review the estimates and conveniently schedule an appointment with the TradePro you like.

Built for Trade Professionals

  • Relevant jobs

    Only respond to jobs that suit you. You can see where a job is located instantly.

  • Mobilize your business

    Catch on to the latest trend in technology and manage your business effortlessly with your smartphone.

  • No membership fees!

    It's 100% free to sign up, view leads and send bids. We have one small fee for guaranteed customer appointments.

  • Rate and Get Rated

    Let your skills shine to other potential customers with your rating. We also let you rate your experience with customers.

  • Next Level Efficiency

    Avoid unnecessary house calls by letting customers tell and show you what they need in real time.